By 2035, we aim to be in the top three general cargo operators between Northern Europe and West Africa.

We want to be perceived as a model of the highest quality services and continue to develop thanks to regular transatlantic voyages.

Beyond the seas

We provide comprehensive transport services.


We carry out sea transport entering deeper into the land.

Our values

Every day we follow our internal compass, which helps us reach our goals.
01. Integrity

honesty and fairness

respect for other cultures

social responsibility and charity

human and professional ethics

02. Professionalism

technical and managerial quality

highest competence



03. Responsibility

security awareness

taking care of yourself


04. Cooperation

building relations

excellent communication



05. Proactivity

taking action

flexibility and problem solving


passion and enthusiasm

06. Ecology

ecological awareness

pollution prevention

care and action for environmental protection

We have been cooperating in the development of the world for 65 years

We strengthen cooperation between people by overcoming cultural differences and shortening geographical distances.

Discover the history of EuroAfrica


EuroAfrica Services Limited has a system certified by the Polish Register of Shipping in accordance with the requirements of the ISM Code (International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention).


The established and implemented system follows the safety and environmental protection policy in relation to its shipping activities and ensures compliance with applicable legal standards and regulations. A system compliant with the ISM Code has also been established, implemented and certified on all ships managed by EuroAfrica.

About Line

We are part of Hass Holding

EuroAfrica is a leading brand in the area of Shipping & Logistics, which is one of the three key pillars of Hass Holding's  activity.

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