West Africa Line


Conventional Service started in 1958, regularly operating between Northern / North-Western European ports and West African ports, with recent (2013) extension to South and East Africa (via Cape). The Line operates MPV geared tonnage suitable for shipping both unitized (including heavy lift) and bulk cargoes. Cargo compartments are adjustable to accommodate almost any cargo combinations.


Accepted Cargo:

  • general cargo
  • cargo in bulk
  • oversized /
    project cargo
  • heavy lifts

Ports of call in Europe:

  • base ports:
    St. Petersburg,
    Ust Luga,
  • Ports of the Baltic Sea
  • Ports of the North Sea
  • Atlantic ports of Western Europe

Ports of call in Africa:

  • West African Ports within Nouakchot-Luanda range,
    mainly: Dakar, San Pedro, Abidjan, Takoradi, Tema Lagos
  • South and East Africa ports (sub-inducement):
    Durban, Beira, Dar Es Salam, Mombasa,


Downloads: Bill of Lading Line West Africa

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