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The history of the ferry connections between Poland and Sweden dates back to the early post-WW II period, but the regular ferry line between Poland and Sweden serviced by a Polish shipowner (Polish Steamship Company) was not opened until the middle of the 1960s. The line connected  the port of Świnoujście with the Swedish port of Ystad. The development of the railway ferry traffic began  in the 1970s in cooperation with PKP. The line was at the time already managed by the Szczecin branch of Polish Ocean Lines (POL). New ferries were introduced: m/f Mikołaj Kopernik, m/f Jan Heweliusz and m/f Jan Śniadecki . In the middle of the 1990s Euroafrica (which evolved from POL) and Polish Steamship Company established a new venture called Unity Line and in 1995 introduced into the service  a new ferry “Polonia”. Thus a totally new quality of sea transport in the Southern Baltic started.

Under the management of Unity Line the service  flourishes increasing the range of operations and constantly strengthening its position as the leader in ferry transport between Poland and Southern Skåne.  Today Euroafrica ferries ply under Unity Line’s flag on two routes:


  • from Świnoujście to Trelleborg: m/f Galileusz and m/f Copernicus
  • from Świnoujście to Ystad: m/f Jan Śniadecki

transporting lorries, semi–trailers and railway cars. Apart from shipping cargo we offer passenger places for motorized tourists. Detailed information about the line and the services provided can be found on the website of Unity Line who are the managing agents for the ferry line.

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