Hass Holding

Hass Holding

Hass Holding was established on April 17th 2003 as a company operating within the Cypriot law. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in Nicosia, the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (http://www.mcit.gov.cy/mcit/drcor/drcor.nsf/structure_en/structure_en?OpenDocument )  registered it with the number HE 137222. Hanna  and Andrzej Hass are the company’s sole shareholders. Towards the end of 2002 they invested their capital / assets in the Euroafrica Shipping Lines Limited taking over its controlling interest and becoming the company’s major shareholders.

At the same time Euroafrica Shipping Lines Limited were facing a serious crisis, possibly the worst in their corporate history. The crisis could jeopardize/ could have jeopardized the company’s very existence. The major shareholders’ commitment, energy and capital coupled with their enthusiasm for the Polish shipping not only prevented the company from liquidation/closedown but allowed the firm to undertake and realize a long-term fleet renewal programme and apply novel constructional/structural solutions.

In 2007 Hass Holding became Euroafrica Shipping Lines’ sole owner/proprietor and shareholder. The following years witnessed the reorganization of the holding company so as to make its structure more transparent. In 2010in the recognition of these efforts Andrzej Hass was awarded the prestigious Vector prize from the Employers of Poland. During the official award ceremony Andrzej Hass was addressed as one of the most versatile Polish entrepreneurs who received the award “for success in business undertakings, for the fact that within the span of a few years he created a company with a good reputation and solid financial standing, a company that launches various, even the most difficult investments and for active cooperation in the development of Polish ferry and cruise shipping.” (see http://www.pracodawcyrp.pl/en/news/art,33,vectors-2010-handed.html).

Hass Holding’s  main sphere of activity is making investments in real estate market, dealing with shares, stocks and securities. Hass Holding is a parent company for its subsidiaries in the construction, real estate, shipping and forwarding. It is involved in numerous business ventures.

The Company’s headquarters is located in Limasol, the shipping and business centre of Cyprus. Its office is situated among other prestigious shipping and consulting companies, banks and other business organizations offices.


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