Quality and safety

Euroafrica’s aim is to provide sea transportation services while maintaining the safety and security of passengers, crew, vessels and cargo while minimizing negative impact on the natural environment. At the same time we strive to keep up the company’s high economic efficiency and our reputation as a reliable carrier.


In order to achieve our goals the company’s Management pledges what follows:

  1. to abide by all the laws and regulations relating to the transportation of seaborne cargoes
  2. to follow the guidelines and stick to the norms imposed by  IMO (International Maritime Organization), maritime administrations, classification societies and shipping-related organizations  while conducting the company’s activity
  3. to maintain safety procedures related to the operation of vessels managed by Euroafrica
  4. to provide our staff with a safe working environment according to Health and Safety at Work rules and regulations
  5. to establish security measures preventing safety and environmental hazards
  6. to remain alert and effective in emergency situations
  7. to constantly perfect the skills of the office staff and crew members
  8. to develop the employees’ awareness of how their individual tasks and assignments affect the quality, safety and the natural environment
  9. to constantly refine safety and quality management system.


The cornerstone of the present policy is the total ban on using drugs and alcohol by the crewmembers while employed on board ship. The company’s Management declares to assign appropriate means and measures in order to achieve the goals of quality, safety  and environmental protection  The company’s employees at all levels according to their job descriptions and competence are obligated to perform their duties while adhering to the company’s policy specified in the present document. 


Being aware of the impact of our activity on the natural environment Euroafrica’s Management declares to carry out the environmental policy aiming at protecting Nature.  This policy is implemented in all the spheres of Euroafrica’s maritime activity: the shipping of cargo and all container landside operations.

Euroafrica’s Management pledges what follows:

  1. to prevent pollution that might be related to the Company’s activity
  2. to implement, perfect and refine the environment protection system which provides framework for identifying and controlling  the environmental impact of our activities,
  3. to carry out management audits including the audits of the environmental goals and tasks,
  4. to comply with all the laws and regulations, appropriate norms, recommendations and codes ,
  5. to develop environmental protection awareness among Euroafrica’s employees and subcontractors and to assure them that they are working for an environmentally responsible organization,
  6. to continually perfect the skills of Euroafrica’s office staff and crew members, including the procedures in the state of the environmental emergency,
  7. to identify and assign the means necessary for the effective functioning of the  environment protection system


All Euroafrica’s office staff and crew members are obligated to be acquainted with the present declaration and to implement its principles in their daily activities.

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