Euroafrica Shipping Lines

Euroafrica Shipping Lines came into being on September 1st 1991. The company evolved from the Szczecin branch of the Polish Ocean Lines (POL). It was a logical step in the right direction during the period of political and economic transformations that were then taking place in Central and Eastern Europe.


A few more reorganizations within the company have taken place since then and effective from 2010, when the European cross-border merger took place, Euroafrica has been a part of ESL Hass Holding Ltd.


For almost twenty five years Euroafrica’s main sphere of activity has been transporting seaborne cargo and passengers. Polish harbours are the base ports to all our services. We provide regular shipping services to the UK, Sweden and West African countries from the Baltic Sea. (West Africa is also serviced from West-European ports of call.) Euroafrica employs 7-8 vessels which can serve a variety of cargoes: general cargo (including heavy and oversized loads), containers, lorries and trailers as well as railway wagons.


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Our representative in Poland:

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